You don't want a bum on a seat

*Disengaged employees are thought to cost the UK £52-70 billion per year. We’re changing this by helping employers attract people that add to their culture from the off.

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*We got this stat from here

Hi there 👋


What’s your elevator pitch?


Not to customers, to job seekers?


Why should they join you?


Why should they stay?




Hard isn’t it.


Suddenly ping pong and free breakfast seem a bit weak.


🏓 + 🥞 = ❓


We find that even the most amazing companies find it hard to sell their sizzle.


The marketing team is too busy, the HR team has a lot on their plate.


No-one has time for “storytelling”.


There’s only one thing worse than no story.


A disengaged workforce and revolving door 🤯.


Come on, share your story, attract the right people from the off.


Don’t know where to start?


Tried and stuck?


There is another way 👋 CultureBee.


We’re a team of culture obsessed storytellers.


We’re trialling a new service and are offering a free storytelling workshop to the first 20 companies to join this list.


Why? Because amazing things can happen when you’re in the right company 🙌


You’ll have a team at the top of their culture and talent game, guiding you through the process.


What’s involved? 🤔


We’ll schedule a session on Hangouts, give you a few things to prep, and will quiz you on your story.


Our aim? To get the good, the bad and the ugly of your organisation.


We’ll then go away and pull together your pitch.


Free of charge.