How many users do you have?

We’re a brand new social network and our platform is in Beta at the moment. We’re starting by attracting employers first, this way, when job seekers join the platform there will be lots of exiting content to discover. If you’re interested in being an early opter of the platform get in touch.

Is CultureBee an applicant tracking system?

No we’re not an ATS, we will however integrate with all the main ATS providers. If you’re an ATS provider interested in a partnership get in touch.

When will I be charged?

If you’ve signed up to the Hive plan you will only be charged when the platform is live, we’re expecting this to be on the 1st April.

Who should manage our culture feed?

We recommend you give a few trusted employees access to capture real moments throughout their working week. We’re big advocates of transparent and honest content so our message to employers is ‘the more the merrier’.

Can I put an approval process in place for the culture feed?

An optional approval process is something that we’ve been asked about and we will be adding as an update in a few months time.