New hires don't like surprises

*73% of people have left a job because they didn't like the company culture. We’re changing this, by helping employers attract people that add to their culture from the off.

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*We got this stat from here

Hi there 👋


Your company culture shouldn’t be a surprise for new hires.


What’s awesome for you, isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s OK!


Just like we all want something different from a holiday (🌴 or ⛷️), we have personal preferences when it comes to culture.


With the cost of employee turnover at least £11k per person* 😲, it pays to share what you’re all about, before someone new sets foot in the door.


So what’s stopping you?


If you don’t share your story, how will you attract awesome people that add to your culture and stay?


Maybe you’re on it already…


Sharing your story is…


Marketing’s job? 🤷🏿

HR’s job? 🤷🏽‍♀️

The intern’s job? 🤷🏼




No-one is owning it, and the power of your story is lost 😔.


There is another way 👋 CultureBee.


We’re a team of culture obsessed storytellers, and we’ve teamed up James McLachlan, previously Deputy Editorial Director at Culture Trip, to kick start your culture journey with our ‘Storytelling pack’…


What’s included?


🎙️ Two x interviews with James

✍️ 800-1000 words, telling your story

🗣️ An editorial piece (PDF)

🐝 Profile featured on CultureBee*

Culture Bee Editorial-Leggit

How much? Just £499.


Add a 2hr photoshoot for just £189.


*3 months 100% free, cancel anytime


That’s 95% less than losing an employee!


So who owns it?


CultureBee owns it, that’s who.


Nothing to lose, all to gain 🚀.

You in?👇


Storytelling Pack


Employer story telling package


Storytelling + Photography


Employer story telling package with photography